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Lower Niagara River: Quick Facts
  • the Lower Niagara River stretches from Niagara Falls to its outflow at Lake Ontario
  • it is approx. 19 km (12 miles) from the falls to the river mouth
  • this is a big river with a strong current. Water flows at about a 16 km per hour (10 mph) rate
  • the water is usually quite clear and well oxygenated
  • the river bottom is generally rocky
  • the gorge area (just north of the falls) is very turbulent and not suitable for boats. Instead your best option is to shore fish
  • the river reaches maximum depths of 150' in the Queenston area
  • as you approach the mouth there are some weed beds in the smaller bays
  • there is a good public boat launch at Queenston (just downstream for the Queenston Lewiston Bridge)
  • there are a series of popular fishing drifts between Queenston and the river mouth in fairly shallow water (10'-20')
  • the major fish species include lake, rainbow and brown trout, chinook and coho salmon and walleye
  • the Lower Niagara River is located within Fisheries Management Zone 20
Lower Niagara River: Map Features
  • dimensions: 12"x18"
  • double sided
  • laminated map
  • black & white
  • water depth contour lines
  • locations for the major fish species
  • access points
  • information on fish habits and movements
  • fishing tips
  • MNR/Travel & Accommodation info. sources
Caution: These maps are not navigation guides for boaters. They are designed for fishing purposes only.

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