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(District of Kenora)
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Separation Lake: Fast Facts
  • Separation Lake is located north of Kenora  via Hwy. 658 and the English River Road in Northwestern Ontario
  • co-ordinates: Lat. 50° 14' 45"  Long. 94° 23' 44"
  • the lake is part of the English River system. Being part of a river system, the water is moving and well oxygenated. It is stained (a light brown colour)  which helps to block light penetration making for favourable walleye conditions
  • the perimeter of the lake is 217 km. (136 miles)
  • while maximum depths reach 117', the average depth is 23'
  • a public access point is located at Separation Rapids which divides Umfreville Lake from Separation Lake
  • there are many under water obstacles and given that water levels fluctuate care must be taken when boating from one area to another
  • the major species include walleye, smallmouth bass and pike. The lake is also home to cisco, whitefish, perch and muskie
  • Separation Lake is situated within Fisheries Management Zone 4
  Separation Lake: Map Features
  • 2 Map Set
  • dimensions: 12"x18"
  • each map is double sided
  • laminated map
  • black & white
  • water depth contour lines
  • locations for the major fish species
  • access points
  • information on fish habits and movements
  • fishing tips
  • MNR/Travel & Accommodation info. sources
  • Price: $21.90 plus taxes & shipping
Caution: These maps are not navigation guides for boaters. They are designed for fishing purposes only.

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